Unlock the power of personalized search with Coveo 

Search is a springboard to customer insights and meaningful digital experiences. At Horizontal Digital, we implement Coveo to help you stitch together multichannel data and provide relevant experiences with every search.

Our expertise

AI-powered search and recommendations  

Rely on our in-house Coveo expertise to discover what your users need at each step in the journey. With the power of auto machine learning, Coveo delivers an intent-driven search experience tailored to individual customer preferences.

Consolidate your data with a unified search index 

Provide search results that are relevant and engaging on a 1:1 level. that are Our deep Coveo knowledge helps us quickly bring together multichannel data to give you a comprehensive view of each customer.

Beyond keywords and clicks: Richer customer insights

It’s all about the context. Our team utilizes Coveo to help you understand customer behavior and intent—giving you the power to transform simple web interactions into digital experiences that are connected, predictive and personalized.

Empowering users through search with data + intuition  

We harnessed the power of Coveo to revolutionize the way shoppers explore Formica’s laminate catalog. Now, users just need to type in a color or a pattern to find the results they’re looking for. Read the full story here.

The Result

A much-improved customer experience. Formica enjoyed a 200% increase in sample orders and a 30% increase in website-driven sales.


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