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We specialize in analytics and AI to deliver connected experiences that think ahead of customers

Data by itself isn't a solution. In fact, most companies are often drowning in data points rather than using it to drive actions that provide real value. At Horizontal, we specialize in defining a structure for your data, connecting all your data points together, and leveraging Einstein AI to accurately predict customer behavior that drives personalized experiences. Our expertise in harnessing cross-cloud data allows you to leverage actionable insights that deliver the right message at the right moment.

Our capabilities and expertise

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Custom innovation

From day one of our introduction with Horizontal Digital, we knew that this partnership was going to be something like we've never have had in the past. To say that they have been easy to work with and are industry masters at what they specialize in would be an understatement. If you want to take your data and immerse yourself into machine learning and what AI integrations can do for your business, this would be the company to take you down that path!


   - Director of Digital Marketing, Lindus Construction | Lindsay Van Keuren

An analytics approach that raises customer experiences

We believe connected experiences are the true benchmark of success. That's why we take an analytics-first approach to Salesforce implementations with our Salesforce specialists working hand-in-hand with our team of strategists, data scientists, and UX designers to aggregate and leverage your data in a way that drives predicted, personalized experiences across every touchpoint.

Our specialized expertise delivers long-term success

Our Tableau CRM and Einstein specialists are experts in the needs of implementations, including embedded visualization, next best action, vertical plays, and prediction modeling. But we also know it’s a process going from analysis to prediction.


We start by determining gaps in your current data usage while also leveraging insights to accelerate your go-to-market timeline. We then operationalize the power of your actionable data to begin piloting AI capabilities. In tandem, we measure and optimize the performance of your data KPIs — and then embed intelligence in your daily activities to deliver predicted personalization. And as a last step, we train your team to be fully self-sufficient in managing the platform after our implementation.


The power of personalization

Five ways to harness the power of website personalization.



Crafting personalized customer journeys for a titan of tile.

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