AI-powered intelligent digital search that drives contextual and predictive customer engagement

It’s proven that on-site search is a core function to support user behavior and meeting the needs of customers as they visit your digital destinations – in particular leading to conversions in commerce-based experiences.  

  • 30% of the users use site search and each of these users show a possible intent to purchase. 
  • 25% of the users click on a search suggestion. 
  • Customers who use search box result in a conversion rate of 2.4% as compared to 1.7% for customers who don’t. 

Our Experience-Forward mindset of putting customers at the center of everything we do is put into action through the power of Reflektion (a recent acquisition and solution to the Sitecore family of end-to-end martech offerings).

Impactful Search Experiences

Meaningful search experiences start with a deep understanding of customer needs and intent.  Our team of content strategy, personalization, UX and technology experts lock arms to ensure we leverage the capabilities of Reflektion surface relevant and anticipatory search results – across content and products.  

With a sound strategy and activation plan, we then capitalize on the key features of Reflektion that merge content and product data, behavioral patterns and meaning across channels that lead to conversion.  

We then tap into Reflektion’s Individual Customer Profile data-set like shopper’s location, preferences and purchase history, amplified by E-Commerce AI to drive personalized experiences across its built-in modules: 

  • Site Search 
  • Recommendations 
  • Category and Landing Pages 
  • Content personalization
  • Email 


This blend of strategy and data-driven AI amplifies the customer experience to elevate the moments that matter for users, while driving business value. 

"Reflektion’s state-of-the-art personalization technology is built with patented proprietary AI algorithms that are based on the latest and greatest machine learning models: deep learning, neural networks, collaborative filtering, statistical regression, and clustering. Inherently self-learning in nature, these algorithms enable breakthrough intelligence to maximize your eCommerce revenue." 


Saas-based, API-first for seamless integration and speed to market agility

Taking Sitecore’s approach to a composable DXP tech stack, we work closely with our clients to infuse Reflektion, a cloud-native PBC seamlessly into the technical architecture. And under the Sitecore umbrella, we tap into our deep knowledge and expertise of the other key solutions like Sitecore Commerce, Sitecore CDP and Content Hub, integrating with Reflektion that lead to richer and more personalized connected experiences with customers.  
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