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Better content = better experiences = better relationships
Those friction-free, beautiful and compelling digital experiences don’t come from nowhere. Just like putting on a play, a spectacular “onstage” experience requires flawless orchestration “backstage.” And that’s where Sitecore’s Content Hub comes in. Horizontal uses this powerful suite of tools to transform your digital operations for maximum ROI.

As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, we know the intricacies of creating and executing Sitecore Content Hub solutions that address your customer’s needs and continues them along their journey.

What we do

Digital operations optimization

Stop wasting time creating content that doesn’t deepen your customer relationships. Horizontal’s strategists design and implement content strategies powered by Content Hub, so you always know what’s working. 

Content governance & digital asset management

Is this the right product image? Didn’t whatsherhame update it somewhere last week? Make questions like these disappear from your day, with a single source of truth for all content, assets and rights across all experiences and use cases. 

Marketing resource management 

Are your teams aligning their efforts from messaging strategies through campaign design to touchpoint tactics? Horizontal uses Content Hub’s MRM capabilities to eliminate wasted effort and speed time to market with optimized, targeted messages.

Meet the demand for 1:1 content at scale

With Content Hub’s powerful collection of solutions, you can unlock personalized experiences and drive meaningful customer relationships at scale. As one of a small handful of Sitecore Platinum partners worldwide certified all of Content Hub, Horizontal Digital can show you how. 


Content Hub

Create and deliver personalized content at scale with Content Hub

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