Empowering a medical leader to embrace their marketing technology 

While Boston Scientific is renowned for their cutting edge medical devices, their marketing team was struggling to understand their Salesforce programs and capabilities.
  • Marketing technology is moving faster than the skill set of marketing professionals
  • Salesforce investment was not being applied to its fullest
  • Confusion about how to use Salesforce to create 1:1 relationships with customers
  • The Situation

    Create an entire training program suited to employee needs 

    Horizontal recognized an opportunity to help Boston Scientific grow from our extensive Salesforce Marketing Cloud knowledge and maximize the ROI from their Salesforce investment. Specifically, we created a 10-week training course during which we helped Boston Scientific’s marketing team better understand their Marketing Cloud capabilities. And because our training regimen aligned with Salesforce’s own training program, every employee who successfully completed the course was also awarded with Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification validating their knowledge of the tools. 

    The Result

    Boston Scientific’s team is now self-sufficient when it comes to using their marketing technology stack — providing each team member functional and emotional wins.


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