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We build possibilities between customers and brands

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We build possibilities between customers and brands

by Horizontal CX Strategy


We don’t take this statement lightly. Every aspect of our business is built around understanding your customer. What they want. What they aspire to. What’s valuable to them...and what’s getting in the way. This intelligence translates into integrated desktop, mobile and tablet engagements that deliver greater value for customers and clients alike. It’s a big promise. And we realize it through the power of connected experiences.

Connected experiences drive greater competitive advantages

70% of consumers say connected processes — such as seamless handoffs between channels or contextual engagements based on prior engagements — are critical to win their business. (Salesforce).

As of 2020, customer experience has overtaken price and product as the key brand differentiator. (Walker, State of the Customer 2020 Report)

76% of customers say it’s easier than ever to take their business elsewhere. (Salesforce)

The value of incredible customer experiences can’t be overstated. But delivering on them takes nuance, skill and above all else, a customer-first obsession. Because one small hiccup and the magic is...well, gone.

We’re purpose-built to make higher-caliber experiences real by fusing sales, service, marketing and ecomm data across desktop, mobile and in-store interactions. This not only powers interactions with your customers at the right time, in the right moment — it builds lasting relationships with them in the process.

Walk with us for a moment...

When it comes to engaging customers, most organizations align their organization around the following departments:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing
  • Ecommerce

This structure is great — it keeps your organization focused on solving for specific customer needs with dedicated expertise, skills and technologies. Customers don’t care about structure though. They care about getting something done. And if you help them do something in an easy, conversational and even imaginative way...well, that opens the door for a relationship. No longer is your organization a multi-department matrix. Instead, you’re simply one organization ready with answers to your customers’ questions.

Building these relationships centers on delivering unified experiences to your customers — regardless of when, how or where they’re engaging with you. Experiences that weave insights from prior interactions with real-time inputs — and use this knowledge to answer your customers in the moment and anticipate what they need next.

Customer intelligence is organizational intelligence
Connected experiences help organizations stay in lockstep with ever-evolving customer needs by simply getting to know them. What content spurred purchases? What moments triggered new behaviors? What you should focus on next? These answers and outputs define your value as an organization. But arriving at these answers is what charts your path to digital transformation. Connected experiences drive transformation by 1.) aligning your organization around a shared vision for your customer and 2.) providing an actionable digital footprint of your customer as a result.

Organizational alignment
For data to be effective, it has to live across your organization. In particular, this means no more silos and gaps between marketing and IT. Rather these groups must work together to harness the data your customers provide and fluidly execute against it. This alignment not only provides consistent and informed experiences for your customers — it all eliminates redundant data and work, freeing your personnel to be more effective.

It has been estimated that the typical company has more than nine copies of a single piece of information — causing the definition of “data” to no longer be considered a singular entity but instead separate copies of the same intelligence.

Actionable customer record
The democratization of data paints a complete picture of each customer — including their behaviors, preferences and past interactions with your brand — enabling more personal and meaningful experiences. But why stop there? Organizations can also use this data to develop more realistic and complete customer models that accurately predict future behavior. The possibility of developing products and services that anticipate customer needs is no longer a dream. Instead, it will soon be the lifeblood of every successful enterprise. In short, connected experiences empower your organization to think forward.

Our experience-forward advantage
Horizontal Digital is uniquely capable to help organizations realize the potential of connected experiences for both their customers and themselves.
Our experience-forward mission and mindset demands that we create moments that raise expectations. And each of our recommendations and executions are guided by what’s best for your stakeholders — including your existing customers, potential customers and your employees.

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