Creating a connected patient experience with Salesforce

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Creating a connected patient experience with Salesforce

by Arturo Mendiola


Within the Health and Life Sciences (HLS) sector, organizations face a plethora of issues, competing priorities and operational pitfalls that slow them down and prevent them from better serving their patients and members. From the perspective of a health care consumer, the journey of finding, receiving and paying for care is still a very complex (and often confusing) process.

More and more consumers of health services (both treatment and care), along with customers of health insurance benefits, are demanding a tailored and simplified experience as a part of their health care journey.

Here at Horizontal, we call these tailored expectations "connected experiences.” And as an Experience-Forward consultancy, we know that connected patient experiences are what allows HLS brands to build greater possibilities and achieve stronger relationships.

Realizing connected experiences, however, relies on an exceptionally designed, end-to-end patient experience. This experience is activated via a patient data-enabled, integrated tech stack that seamlessly captures patient data, and then funnels it to key systems for continued patient engagement across sales, service and support, and marketing automation.

A patient’s experience with the health care system starts long before they even need care, and their journey continues long after clinical outcomes or interactions. World-class patient experience programs understand the role of a health care provider before, during, and after care and respond to patients’ needs at every stage along that journey. (Qualtrics)

Patient loyalty can erode if they find it difficult to engage with a provider at any point in the journey. That’s why it’s critical for the patient journey to be seamless and cohesive – across touchpoints, channels and devices – at every step, starting from the moment they search for care to when they get care, to post-visit compliance through to paying for care, and every interaction thereafter.

Salesforce is leading the way in end-to-end connected experience technology

Simply adopting technologies alone won’t drive world-class relationships with your patients/members. But it is the foundation to delivering the friction-free, contextual and anticipatory moments upon which these relationships are based. It comes down to identifying and employing critical technology platforms that marry back-of-house operations with the experiences your customers engage with daily.

At Horizontal, we help health care organizations realize this future vision by delivering on the promise of building connected patient and member experiences. One of the most critical ingredients in the customer experience mix is identifying and using the right tools. We believe that Salesforce’s technology offerings give businesses every edge they need to seize a leadership position in providing exceptional customer engagements.

Salesforce technology suite of offerings can drive superior experiences by:

  • Seamlessly fusing purpose-built health care system customer relationship managements (CRMs), like Salesforce Health Cloud, which securely and safely capture HIPAA and PII data for better service and support
  • Leveraging marketing automation for relevant messaging — from patient education and compliance to maximizing in-network benefits to driving lower cost of care
  • Implementing a digital experience platform (DXP) to create exceptional digital experiences, while activating patient and member data
  • Harnessing holistic patient and member data in a centralized repository like Salesforce CDP with Salesforce Genie for organization’s functions, departments and teams to support the continuum of care
  • Utilizing the power of a real-time interaction management (RTIM) solution to aid in orchestrating personalization across channels

Want to learn more about how we help create an omni-channel patient experience with Salesforce technology? Let’s chat.

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