Content Hub One: An agile Headless CMS

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Content Hub One: An agile Headless CMS

by Nilesh Thakkar


Each year, the Sitecore Symposium event is known for exciting announcements and updates we can look forward to in the coming year. In continuation to this tradition, Sitecore announced three new product offerings at our event on October 18, 2022.  

These included: 

1. Sitecore Content Hub One 
2. Sitecore Search 
3. Sitecore Connect 

Now we know what you must be thinking- what is Content Hub One, and how does it differ from the existing Content Hub product? We’ll cover all the details in this article for our readers and specifically discuss the benefits of the new Content Hub One product. 

What is Sitecore Content Hub One? 

Sitecore Content Hub One is focused, lightweight, agile headless CMS that allows brands to launch and manage experiences on various digital channels including web, mobile, KIOSK, social media and other IOT channels. It is cloud native and pure headless CMS that allows marketers to quickly create, manage and deliver content that fits to any channel without worrying much about deployments. Moreover, it gives developers the freedom to build frontends using any framework for data-driven content experiences, while allowing marketers to work in parallel to author content. 


Realizing the varying need of brands, Sitecore has adapted its robust Content Hub offering for brands looking for entry points into digital experience delivery versus a holistic marketing strategy. The result is Content Hub One

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Here are some features of Sitecore Content Hub One: 

  • One platform for content modeling, authoring and consumption 
  • Pure Headless CMS 
  • Cloud native SaaS enabled composable platform 
  • Content Modelling 
  • Easy Content Authoring 
  • Language and framework agnostic 
  • Modern APIs 
  • Can be used to serve products, campaigns and small markets 

How does Sitecore Content Hub differ from Sitecore Content Hub and CMS? 

While the product has its origin in Content Hub platform, gained through the 2018 acquisition of Stylelabs, it is a completely different product with its own distinct features.  

Sitecore Content Hub One 

Sitecore is positioning Content Hub One as Pure Headless CMS 

Content Hub One is an agile Headless CMS platform that enables brand to rapidly launch and manage experience on various digital channels without worrying about underlying technologies. 

Content Hub One provide enterprise capabilities such as: 

  • Content Modelling 
  • Content Authoring 
  • Modern Frontend APIs 

Sitecore Content Hub 

Content Hub is more suitable for DAM and other content operations 

On the other hand, Content Hub is a complete solution to offer omnichannel experience to brands by providing end to end content life cycle. 

Content Hub provide enterprise capabilities such as: 

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)  
  • Content Marketing  
  • Marketing Resource Management  
  • Content Planning and Strategy  
  • Digital Rights Management  

Is Content Hub One available and ready to use today? 

Although this product is not yet ready, as it will take next few months on the GA (General Availability), we got a sneak peek of the product in Sitecore MVP summit during the Symposium event. The solution is an entry point to Sitecore content portfolio that allows customers to upgrade when they’re ready to the full capabilities of Content Hub.  

Is Content Hub One ready to compete with other Headless CMS vendor in the market? 

Not yet, but they are not far behind. Sitecore is not new to CMS and they have two-decade history of building products, which is why we can say that Future versions have the potential to eclipse competitors. Sitecore is positioning Content Hub One as a true Headless CMS against competitor in the Headless CMS world like ContentStack and Contentful.  

Who is potential customer of Sitecore Content Hub One? 

I think Content Hub One may not be a direct match for current Sitecore customers, but it could be best fit for those customers who are looking for rapid microsites or spin up a temporary campaign site or the content engine behind a mobile app. Moreover, it is best match for those marketers who are looking for pure headless CMS having data driven use cases where content is populated by APIs rather than curated by content authors. It’s also a good fit for those customers who typically have in-house front-end developers that work with the marketing team. 

How’s Sitecore Content Hub future looking ahead? 

I believe that Sitecore Content Hub One is going to rapidly grow and mature in headless CMS space. The probability of it becoming one of the core products of Sitecore suit in near future, specifically considering Sitecore’s decades of experience building content management services. Sitecore will continue to add features over time but leaning into their other offerings of Sitecore Content Hub. Until that time, we need to patiently wait and watch for further updates from Sitecore. 

If you’d like to know more about Sitecore Content Hub One or any of new additions to the Sitecore family, feel free to get in touch with us. We can help you to know they might help you to craft your composable DXP. 

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