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by Arturo Mendiola and Chris Staley


Is Digital 360 worth the hype?

The short answer is “absolutely.”

At Horizontal Digital, we’re a proud partner in the Salesforce ecosystem and have completed projects within multiple industries for large enterprises and Fortune 500 clients. We’re excited about the release of Digital 360 because it perfectly aligns with our experience-forward mindset, a sensibility that puts people at the center of everything we do. This means helping clients implement marketing programs, CMS websites and commerce websites backed by analytics and AI to create connected, frictionless customer experiences through every touchpoint and across all departments. Digital 360 makes this easier by fusing Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Experience Cloud to deliver a scalable, data-driven, single source of truth for personalizing the experience.

Across every industry, COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital transformation in today’s work-from-anywhere world. From marketing to online shopping and curbside pickup, Digital 360 is designed to help businesses connect their customer data and quickly build more meaningful experiences. It has three exceptionally important aspects responsible for the success of its users:

  • It’s driven by data.
    By integrating your commerce systems, marketing technology, service portals, and social media together on a cloud-based platform, you can effectively create a more educated strategy.
  • It’s obsessed with customers.
    After compiling and organizing all of your data, you’ll be able to create personalized experiences for everyone, essentially giving you the power to please every customer.
  • It’s future-proof.
    Instead of a standard software update, Digital 360 is designed as an evolving technology in itself. In other words, everyone and everything else adapts to Digital 360, as it’s become the industry standard of making companies (and technologies) absolutely agile.

We all know about the importance of data. Many times, companies think they don’t have enough to give customers the experience they really want. But they’re actually often swimming in data. What they’re lacking is a way to make sense of it. With Digital 360, we can create an architecture that stitches together systems and data to help companies understand what type of information they really care about and what they specifically need to track in order to see results. Then we can use this data to inform UX and CX decisions that improve the customer experience. While it’s always good to deliver personalized service in the moment, Digital 360 can do much more. When we combine it with Einstein AI, we can take experiences to the next level by anticipating needs and delivering on them before the customer even knows that it's something they want (think demand creation).

As we look ahead to our future in the Salesforce ecosystem, we believe Digital 360 is perfectly aligned with our core disciplines and our experience-forward philosophy. This evolution is a great step forward in the customer journey. It helps our clients set the bar higher for their customers and their competition.

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