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Salesforce Digital 360 perfectly aligns with our experience-forward mission

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Salesforce Digital 360 perfectly aligns with our experience-forward mission

by Horizontal Digital


Last week, Salesforce announced the launch of Digital 360. Digital 360 fuses Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Experience Cloud (formerly known as Community Cloud) to give customers a scalable, data-driven, single source of truth for personalizing customer experiences. 

Across every industry, COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital transformation in today’s work-from-anywhere world. From marketing campaigns to online shopping and curbside pickup, Digital 360 is designed to help businesses connect their customer data and quickly build more meaningful experiences. 

At Horizontal Digital, we couldn’t be more excited about Salesforce’s evolving platform. In fact, we’ve been doing it all along since our inception in 2003. As the Salesforce platform continues to evolve, you need a consulting partner with cross-cloud expertise and an experience-forward mindset. We operate with an unwavering focus on delivering meaningful digital experiences at every touchpoint, and we’ve successfully leveraged this approach to solve for complex challenges across various sectors for some of the world’s most recognizable financial service, healthcare and manufacturing brands. 

Horizontal + Salesforce 
Salesforce recruited Horizontal to join its partner ecosystem based on our keen understanding of how data and technology unlock connected customer experiences. Since then, our Salesforce practice has enjoyed meteoric growth and strategic alignment within the partner navigator program. Like Salesforce, our values truly bring out our best. As a Certified Minority Owned Business, we are invested in equality and community to advance human possibility at every opportunity. We remain proudly independent — in ownership and in thought — and are members of the Salesforce Talent Alliance and the 1% pledge movement. 

Last year, we launched our first AppExchange solution — the No-Code Preference Center — and earned 15 speaking engagements at Dreamforce 2019. Here’s where we stand today:  

  • 5 Star satisfaction rating on the AppExchange
  • 200+ cross-cloud certifications across global offices in the US, India, and Dubai
  • Marketing Cloud specialization
  • Salesforce CMS accredited
  • Datorama certified  

You’re only as good as your worst customer experience 
Our cross-cloud expertise is only half the equation. Our Salesforce experts work hand in hand with our team of creative strategists and UX designers to deliver personalized, predictive content and meaningful in-the-moment experiences.

In a world where you can instantly flip from Uber to Lyft because three minutes is too long to wait for your ride, historical competitive advantages on product or price can vanish with a click. With this in mind, we help companies fuse their sales, service, marketing and ecommerce data across every customer touchpoint. Ultimately, our goal is to power customer interactions at the right time, in the right moment, and build lasting relationships in the process. Here are a few ways we’ve leveraged Salesforce to achieve this goal in 2020.   

Cushman & Wakefield 
Cushman & Wakefield’s 200+ independent national, regional and local real estate websites diluted its brand, cannibalized its SEO keywords and failed to deliver personalization due to disconnected marketing automation and CRM platforms. 

To solve these problems, we built a consolidated global site and connected Cushman & Wakefield’s website experience with the rest of its tech stack —Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Pardot — to make the company’s vision of end-to-end personalized experiences a reality. The outcome: A single global experience driving digital ROI. 

As the world’s largest manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tile, Daltile’s digital experience was lacking due to disconnected Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud teams. This led to rampant data duplication, inefficient lead tracking and major delays after customers responded to coupon offers.    

To overcome these issues, our cross-cloud experts remodeled the firm’s Marketing Cloud framework and implemented our proprietary No-Code Preference Center to empower visitors to manage their subscriptions at opt-in. The end result: Enhanced personalization, optimized lead generation and seamless post-click experiences.   

Advisory Board 
Advisory Board seeks to improve the healthcare industry through research, consulting and technology. But while the firm collected tons of data on its core customer base — physicians, CEOs and healthcare administrators — it needed a centralized warehouse to turn these raw numbers into real-time insights. 

To help Advisory Board unlock personalization and drive subscriptions, our Salesforce team stepped in to configure Einstein AI dashboards and blueprint a holistic platform that plugged into each data source. With connected data and AI-informed insights in place, Advisory Board has the power to identify churn risk and intelligently recommend virtual workshops, web conferences and daily briefings to medical leaders around the world.  

Our future as a Salesforce partner 
Experience-forward is next-level digital. It’s not just one cool new feature. It’s seamlessly continuing the conversation with your customers as they jump between channels along their buying journey. It’s not personalizing using your first name. It’s anticipating your next move and rewarding your individualism. It’s not “mobile-friendly.” It’s multichannel consistency, personalization and relevance. 

As we look ahead to our future in the Salesforce ecosystem, we believe Digital 360 is perfectly aligned with our core disciplines and our experience-forward approach. This evolution is a great step forward in the customer journey and we can’t wait to help our clients harness its power to set the bar higher for their customers and their competition.

Are you ready to raise the bar? Let’s talk.

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