HZTL earns Sitecore's award for Global Excellence in Product Expertise

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HZTL earns Sitecore's award for Global Excellence in Product Expertise

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by Horizontal Digital


And the award goes to...

Horizontal Digital earns a 2021 Sitecore Partner Award, Global Excellence in Product Expertise category.

Having a deep-level of technology expertise and platform domain knowledge is critical in the work we do for our clients. Without a strong technical pillar to activate and enable connected experiences and journeys, it’s really all for show. This dedication to technology has been a part of our company’s DNA ever since it was founded back in 2003. So (humble brag alert!) to be awarded the Sitecore Partner Award for Global Excellence in Product Expertise is a huge win for us. This award represents partners that demonstrate not only an understanding of their full product suite, but those that go beyond by investing time and talent into earning certifications and mastering best practices for implementation.

“Excellence in Product Expertise award celebrates partners that go even further than the rest. Based on achievements in training, certifications, and enablement, winners will have dedicated huge amounts of time and energy to building capability with Sitecore products. They will have put this knowledge into practice too – making customers’ visions reality. The overall global winner of this category is Horizontal Digital. We recognize Horizontal as a dedicated and specialized Sitecore Partner, helping businesses maximize their Sitecore investment and create real-time experiences that really build relationships." (Sitecore)

As the firm with the most product expertise, it sets us up as the best partner to deliver on our clients’ ambitions with Sitecore in building connected experiences for their customers and driving value for their business.

In our total pursuit of excellence we were also nominated in all three Sitecore Partner Award categories, including both Sitecore Partner of the Year and Excellence in Solution Delivery. This recognition across categories validates Horizontal is among the top Sitecore partners across the board. It’s worth noting, as a consultancy, we’re still independent in ownership (and thought) and to be honored alongside digital titans (some publicly held and owned) the likes of Accenture/Avanade, Deloitte, EPAM and WPP put us in good company. To our fellow industry friends and rivals, congrats to you on your awards and nominations.

We’ve been working with and helping implement on the Sitecore platform for over 15+ years. It’s been quite the journey from its early days of being a solid CMS to where it’s headed with SaaS-based architecture and composable features. And it’s in this product roadmap that we will continue to immerse ourselves in the future of the platform, while also being involved in the feedback loop as we share back customer input to further improve and extend the product to meet market demands.

Our VP of technology Sheetal Jain said it very eloquently, describing the role we play in supporting Sitecore’s product vision, while ensuring it is leveraged in a way to meet shared customer expectations: "The ecosystem today is crowded. There are a myriad of choices out there today for the customers. As a Digital Consultancy our job is to help our customers demystify the options and provide solutions that will help them Transcend the Experience for their customers. Sitecore has been an innovator since 2004 and we have been a Platinum Partner since their inception. As a platform, Sitecore has continued to evolve and deliver innovations and advanced capabilities to their platform."

Sabin Ephrem, Co-founder, President, & CEO, Horizontal

Below is the official press release:

Horizontal Digital Awarded Sitecore’s Global Product Expertise Award

Minneapolis – July 15, 2021 – Horizontal Digital has received Sitecore’s award for Global Excellence in Solution Expertise. This award is given to the highest performing partner worldwide and recognizes our commitment to becoming experts in Sitecore products through training, certifications and enablement.

“We are honored and humbled to have received this achievement. This award has been a decade in the making, realized by our teams across the world who work relentlessly to put our customers first through the power and potential of the Sitecore Platform. We look forward to cultivating and elevating our Sitecore expertise for continued customer delivery satisfaction that surpasses expectations. Thank you Sitecore for this recognition and our continued partnership.”

“This is the ultimate accolade for Sitecore Partners,” said Owen Taraniuk, Sitecore SVP Global Partners, “And it represents an exceptional level of achievement Horizontal Digital has made as a Sitecore Partner.”

Sitecore’s Partner of the Year Awards are designed to celebrate the time and investment Sitecore partners put into discovering, exploring and selling Sitecore products. It’s an opportunity to recognize partners who are central to helping Sitecore create exceptional experiences for customers across the world.

More information can be found about the Sitecore Partner Awards at: https://www.sitecore.com/Blog/Digital-Transformation/Sitecore-Partner-Awards-2021-winners

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