Sitecore brand refresh and a shared enthusiasm for the future

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Sitecore brand refresh and a shared enthusiasm for the future

by Arturo Mendiola


Recently, Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill wrote a blog post about her company’s new brand refresh —sharing updates on visual identity and brand elements like colors, typography, illustration and photography style, including a brief sizzle video that shows off a preview of what’s to come.  

Since Horizontal is an original Sitecore Platinum Partner with 12 recognized MVPs, over 100 Sitecore implementations and a shared mindset on Sitecore’s capabilities and future opportunities, one thing that really struck a chord and stood out as a part of this announcement was Sitecore’s updated Mission and Vision statements: 

Our mission is to Elevate leading brands through unforgettable digital connection with their customers. 

Our guiding vision is to Disrupt the market with innovative solutions that turn consumers into fans.

In particular, the fact that both the mission and vision have a laser-focus on consumers. The mission to have an unforgettable digital connection with them paired with the vision of offering innovative solutions that turn them into fans. Consumers are who we serve and ultimately answer to — they tell brands loud and clear through their purchasing power, loyalty and opinions what they want and need, like or don’t like.  
Making it easier for consumers through connected experiences 
So, it stands to reason that Sitecore would have consumers at the heart of their company’s purpose and reason for being. In like-minded fashion, putting consumers (people) at the center of everything we do at Horizontal is the ethos behind our Experience Forward sensibility – which aligns perfectly with Sitecore’s mission and vision.  

This sensibility is the grounding foundation and lens we apply to the work we do for our clients on their journey of digital transformation. A progressive evolution that continually aims to raise the bar of customer experiences that lead to successful business outcomes. Customer experiences that are driven by friction-free interactions, contextual engagement and anticipatory solutions.   

  • Friction-Free Interactions: We think of friction-free engagements as a continuous conversation between customers and your brand. 
  • Contextual Engagements: Context not only adds an additional layer of meaning and understanding across interactions, it also helps chain
  • these interactions together to paint a clearer picture of customer intent. 
  • Anticipatory Solution: Piggybacking off the power of context, the trove of data collected from connected experiences powers the ability to assess individual customer needs and predict for them; anticipating their needs in real time. 

Source: Get to Know Your Customers. Again. (Horizontal Digital whitepaper 2022)

These three pillars are the key ingredients that establish the makings of building a Connected Experience for your customers. Afterall, a great connected customer experience increases brand affinity.  

Customer loyalty…is driven largely by customer experience. In fact…65% of consumers said a consistently positive experience through their entire interaction (journey) would make them a long-term customer of the brand.

 | Forbes Insights, December 2019
Award-winning experiences that turn customers into fans 
In a world where your competitors are just a click or swipe away, it’s imperative that brands keep these aspects of the experience in mind. We’ve partnered with brands that not only improve the customer experience but deliver against it on a human level.  

For telecom company GCI, providing connectivity through its broad set of product and service offerings (mobile data plans, high-speed internet, cable and streaming programming and entertainment) to the community of Alaska is the driving force for their business. So, it was critical to streamline the process of choosing and buying the right plans and products. This was achieved by putting both for end customers and the internal teams within the organization (like the sales and customer service support teams) at the heart of the experience. Through the partnership with GCI, collectively we designed and developed a fully integrated and custom shopping experience to help customers better communicate their specific needs, while reducing the checkout time. Our collaboration with GCI earned us a 2021 Sitecore Experience Award.  

DP World operates a global ecosystem of interconnected ports and container terminals – and evolving to expand its business model to an end-to-end logistics enterprise. To support this evolution of growth and scale, we consolidated their 30 disparate regional business unit sites into a single global digital experience. With built-in geo-personalization embedded into the experience, it helps customers access more relevant content faster. Like GCI, the transformation of DP World’s digital presence was recognized in 2020 with a Sitecore Experience Award.  

Lixil is the parent company for household water fixture and faucet brands American Standard, Grohe and DXV. These consumer brands and line of product offerings are known for their innovation and reputation of quality (having been recognized with over 300 industrial design awards). However, their digital experiences weren’t living up to that brand promise, along with missing core e-commerce functionality – an opportunity to introduce a new DTC channel to their customer base. We partnered with Lixil to fully redesign and relaunch each brand experience that was not only transactional but featured each brand’s line of products in a beautiful and meaningful way that spoke to customers while they were in their process for design inspiration for their home remodeling and construction projects. All of which built on top of Sitecore for Lixil to easily ‘spin up’ new brand sites that support multi-regional product catalogs and multi-lingual needs; 3x faster than the previous solution. The project was highlighted as a customer case study in last year’s Sitecore Symposium.   

Humanizing data to transform contextual engagements 

To realize making these three pillars a reality within a Connected Experience requires a sound strategic approach. One that considers consumer (whether that be end-customers or even internal team members) insights so the end-to-end journey is designed with empathy and informed by data and intel to meets their needs, while being enabled by an integrated modern technology stack. Which dovetails into the other aspect of Paige’s post and where Sitecore is channeling their innovation towards a composable DXP. Connect Intelligently, was outlined as a product differentiator in their DXP offering.  

Data in context powers new perspectives and possibilities. When you have tools and insights that allow you to anticipate consumer needs and preferences, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition. We provide solutions that enable you to deliver more engaging, personalized content across all touchpoints. With Sitecore platforms, brands can learn faster, act sooner, and connect more effectively than ever.  

Sitecore’s CDP is product that can accelerate organization’s initiatives to better unify customer data, that facilitates collaboration between internal departments and functions to share intel in the common goal of activating a connected experience (one that brings to life contextual engagements, friction-free interactions and anticipatory solutions).   

It’s time to get to know your customers. Again. 
As the 2021 recipient of Sitecore’s Global Product Expertise Award, we’re ‘chomping at the bit’ to dive in and harness of capabilities of Sitecore’s current and future offerings to build truly connected experiences for the world’s most beloved brands. If you’re ready to elevate your brand’s customer experience, let’s talk.

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