Horizontal Digital awarded Sitecore Partner awards for a consecutive year

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Horizontal Digital awarded Sitecore Partner awards for a consecutive year

by Horizontal Digital


Horizontal Digital earns two 2022 Sitecore Partner Awards in the Partner Excellence and Customer Value/Impact categories.

“This year the 2022 Sitecore Partner Awards have a laser focus on recognizing partner performance and outcomes aligned to [their] mission of elevating leading brands through unforgettable digital connection with their customers based on [Sitecore’s] vision to disrupt the market with innovative solutions that turn consumers into fans” (Sitecore).
Putting consumers (people) at the center of everything we do at Horizontal is the ethos behind our Experience Forward sensibility. This sensibility is the grounding foundation and lens we apply to the work we do for our clients on their journey of digital transformation. A progressive evolution that continually aims to raise the bar of customer experiences that lead to successful business outcomes and the reason why we were awarded the Partner Excellence and Customer Value/Impact awards by Sitecore.  
The Partnering Excellence award recognizes partners who demonstrate overall superior commitment to in-depth knowledge (enablement, training, certification, and specialization) and commitment to selling with Sitecore.  
The Customer Value/Impact award recognizes partners who exceed in consistently delivering value to Sitecore customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle; ensuring the customer continues to draw value from Sitecore and that the customer has a positive experience with our products. This award is based on nominations by their customers. For Horizontal Digital, nominations came from our clients Worldwide express and Yas Island and are a testament to their trust and support of Horizontal’s partnership and in-depth knowledge of the Sitecore platform.  
As the partner with three Sitecore partner awards, we are set up as the best partner to deliver on our clients’ ambitions with Sitecore in building connected experiences for their customers and driving value for their business. 
Horizontal is an original Sitecore Platinum Partner with 12 recognized MVP’s, over 100 Sitecore implementations and 16 years of partnership. As stated by our Co-Founder & CEO, Sabin Ephrem, “This is a partnership that remains strong and successful and will be for years to come as we usher in a new era with the Sitecore composable stack of products that will keep our customers on the forefront of technology.” You can learn more about the award by visiting Sitecore's winner's page.

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