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Answers, accelerated

It’s no secret: Technology has made people nearly 5x more impatient than they were five years ago*. And when stakeholders — be it site visitors, ecomm customers, internal employees and/or partners — have questions, they expect the right answers, right away.

From seamless search to hyper-personalization, we harness the power and possibility of the Coveo platform to help businesses quickly and easily index content, crunch loads of data and bring people to the right content faster — all to help your stakeholders continue to do more with your organization.

An advanced approach to relevance

We leverage Coveo’s AI-powered formula to combine content, context and intent to generate relevance.


Secure, unified indexing of content from across an enterprise.


Apps, consoles and devices the customer uses in their digital interactions.


Insights from the Interactions of your audience that are used to inform machine learning models.


Machine learning that recommends what your website visitors, support agents or employees need next.

In the end, Coveo’s focus is around ease, effectiveness and emotion:

  • Ease - Can the customer find what he or she is looking for in one search?
  • Effectiveness - Does the customer find the search experience intuitive and easy to use?
  • Emotion - Does the customer feel good finding what he or she needs?

Technical expertise

As a member of the Coveo Partner Program, we can expertly help you implement Coveo as part of your digital solution. Are you an existing Coveo customer? We’ll audit your current Coveo instance and make a list of actionable and measurable recommendations that we can help you enact to improve the customer experience.