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Harnessing open-source flexibility to create more possibilities

We harness Drupal’s strengths to go beyond content management to encompass personalized user experiences, omni-channel content delivery, and robust integration with third-party applications. We use its API-first approach to integrate with other systems, providing a foundation for building cohesive digital ecosystems.

Our team has been part of the global Drupal community, every step of the way, since its early days in 2004. We’ve helped the platform evolve, prioritizing impact by bringing the best ideas to light. We break complex needs into manageable roadmaps to orchestrate and optimize technology solutions for the people who rely on them.​

We walk the talk of open-source values

Part of something bigger

Drupal was created by enthusiasts who wanted to share their passions online. It grew into an industry-leading platform.

  • We participate in open-source communities – as founding members of local groups, and as active contributors to Drupal and its modules. We will help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s now and what’s next.
  • We share what we know, building a process that gets the best ideas from every member of the project team. We use self-documenting processes and make sure you know the how’s and why’s behind every deliverable.
  • We focus on the future, with curiosity and readiness to adapt to change. We stay on top of industry trends and help build the future by contributing to community initiatives.
  • We get results by embracing a process that puts the best people in a position to do their best work. Join us and let’s get moving on your goals together.

The future is composable

As digital technologies dominate every aspect of a well-run organization, it’s clear that no single tool can cover every base. With Drupal, we help clients de-couple their technologies and use the right tool for every job.

  • Content Strategy is at the heart of every Drupal project. It’s SEO from the get-go because it starts with your message, which can be re-mixed and redistributed to multiple mediums, audiences, and platforms.
  • Rapid development: Iterate, measure, adapt, improve. You can deliver value early and often because changes are easy, and rework is cheap.
  • Play well with others: With the singular goal of being useful, Drupal’s community-supported modules make it easy to integrate with industry-leading solutions for Personalization, Marketing Automation, Measurement, CRM, and much more.
By staying nimble and locking arms with our clients and in-house partners, we use the best tool for every job to innovate and adapt, blazing a trail to truly connected experiences.

Drupal + Horizontal

  • Drupal

    Horizontal’s Drupal team has been invested in the Drupal Community since the beginning in 2004. We carry its values throughout every area of the practice. We build for quality today -- and keep our finger on the pulse to plan for what’s next.

  • Acquia


    Our years-long partnership with Acquia enables us to support enterprise clients with high uptime and a complete suite of DXP products, and Acquia’s hosting certifications are a must for healthcare and government applications.

  • Pantheon

    As a Strategic partner, we use Pantheon to support our customers who need flexibility and consistency, whether they’re managing one site, or one thousand. We specialize in Pantheon platform migrations and system engineering workflows.