Salesforce CMS Marketing Cloud Sync

One-stop content management for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Accelerate the time it takes to build out and deploy email campaigns

The hassle of downloading and uploading files disappears with our free app on the Salesforce AppExchange — CMS Marketing Cloud Sync. This time saver lets you manage your content and assets in one place and easily share them with Marketing Cloud so you can deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Set it and forget it

Auto-sync content with our scheduling tool.

One-click sync

Transfer files with the click of a button.

Workspace and channel filters

Connect content to multiple business units.

Control center

View all your connections into Marketing Cloud business units at a glance — making it easy to dispatch different content to different audiences.

Content mapping

Customize exactly how you want to bring content over. Sync images with or without their accompanying metadata.
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