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Introducing Salesforce CMS Connect & CMS Sync

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Introducing Salesforce CMS Connect & CMS Sync

Two different apps. Both built for one-stop content management for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
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Accelerate the time it takes to build out and deploy email campaigns

Two apps. One-stop content management.

The hassle of downloading and uploading files disappears with our two apps on the Salesforce AppExchange – CMS Connect and CMS Sync. These time savers let you manage your content and assets in one place and easily share them with Marketing Cloud so you can deliver personalized experiences at scale.

  • CMS Connect: This FREE solution transfers images, videos documents and other files from Salesforce CMS to Marketing Cloud. No need to manually click “Sync” every time you need new content — our built-in timer lets you automate content syncing at regular intervals. Set it and forget it!
  • CMS Sync: Our premier solution allows you to easily select which piece of content you plan to use, and enables your email to directly reference Salesforce CMS — no need to first duplicate it in Marketing Cloud. With CMS Sync, your content is always up-to-date, centralized and ready to go. Priced at $995/year.
  • Set it and forget itAuto-sync content with our scheduling tool.

  • One-click syncTransfer files with the click of a button.

  • Workspace and channel filtersConnect content to multiple business units.

CMS Connect

View all your connections into Marketing Cloud business units at a glance — making it easy to dispatch different content to different audiences. All for free.

CMS Sync

Easily drag and drop images directly from Salesforce CMS, enabling you to quickly make modification to content in Marketing Cloud. Priced at $995/year.

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Which app is right for me?

Are you using Marketing Cloud to build campaigns for multiple business units? CMS Connect’s dashboard lets you view all your connections into business units at a glance — making it easy to send different content to different audiences.

Are you looking for a lightning-quick way to drop web content into an email? CMS Sync eliminates an extra step — helping you deploy campaigns as swiftly as possible.

Not sure which app is right for you?

Our award-winning Salesforce practice can help.

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