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Leading National Home Improvement Company

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Leading National Home Improvement Company

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      Keeping pace on the hunt for great talent

      Horizontal Digital is proud to complement a leading home improvement company’s legacy of innovation and white-glove service with digital experiences that augment their reputation for precise measurements, window design and installation.

      However, being a reputable, innovative home improvement giant comes with a cost: the constant need for new hires to keep up with demand. Supporting the company and its affiliate partners in over 100 markets across the U.S. requires quality talent in key positions — from call center roles to window installers in the field to manufacturing personnel and more.

       With recent home improvement spending up 3% to $420 billion in 2020 and an additional 4% in 2021, the company needed an improved talent acquisition (“Careers”) site to generate the volume of job candidates needed to keep pace with the amount of work.

      The Situation

      Standing out as the employer of choice

      As a result of roughly 33 million people quitting their jobs in 2021, “The Great Resignation” has stimulated a rapid job market transformation — making it even more difficult for the company to secure new talent.
      • 57%expect to move jobs within two years

      • 40%will move within one year


      Plus, the fact that higher salaries and improved benefits are no longer primary motivators only added to the challenge. Today’s job candidates crave purpose and want to feel valued. So, finding their ideal fit involves a deeper understanding and connection with the company culture.

      To acquire and keep great talent, the company needed a next-level Careers site that went beyond simply supporting the hiring process. In an environment where job providers tend to blend in, the user experience needed to stand out as an inspiring destination for all things careers. Ideally, culture and opportunity-rich content would motivate users to share their experience with others to meet the demand for applicants.

      Organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve the quality of their new hires by 70%.

       | learn.g2.com/hr-statistics

      The Response

      Accelerating careers by leveraging innovation

      The Horizontal team leveraged feedback from job seekers and company stakeholders to create a new user experience that enabled more meaningful connections from day one. Simple lead forms transform a prospect’s skills and passions into personalized landing pages with relevant jobs. Job category pages include dynamic content that highlight real-world examples of employees driving innovation to inspire users to begin the application process.  

      By combining prospect needs with the inherent strengths and unique environment of the company, the reimagined site reinforces the spirit of innovation found in the company’s windows and white glove customer experience.

      The Result

      Better connections = quality candidates

      Both the volume of leads as well as conversion rates have increased significantly since the launch of the company’s new Careers site:
      • 400+Leads a Week

      • 11.29%Conversion Rate Overall

      But we've set up our digital experience with ample room to grow — including possible incremental persona and user journey improvements via ATS and Salesforce integrations. All to ensure that we remain lockstep with job seeker's shifting needs and priorities with more targeted content and interactions that truly position our client as the premiere job destination.

      The idea for a single talent acquisition site was born from our affiliate network. Horizontal was able to take our vision and bring it to reality. The new site has been a game changer for us, delivering a steady stream of candidates for our high-volume roles such as sales, installation, call center and field marketing. We've received really positive feedback from our network that the site delivers quality candidates and has become a central hub of our talent acquisition marketing strategy.

      Sr. Marketing Director | Leading National Home Improvement Company

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