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Why omni-channel personalization is crucial to the financial services industry

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Why omni-channel personalization is crucial to the financial services industry

by Arturo Mendiola


While the financial services industry is in the midst of a digital transformation, it still faces many issues, competing priorities, and operational inefficiencies that slow it down from serving customers in the best way possible.

From retail banking organizations to wealth management – customers demand and expect a tailored and simplified experience as a part of their journey – or a connected customer experience. There are many opportunities for financial services organizations to deliver personalization including:

  • Offering products, services and content that lead to improved financial wellbeing for the customer in close to real-time
  • Providing personalized offers and promotional strategies that reward consumers’ loyalty
  • Utilizing new data insights to drive future digital and human engagements

These personalized experiences are the product of omni-channel marketing. Omni-channel marketing takes orchestration of a brand’s entire channel mix and ensures all elements are working in unison. So, it’s a seamless and completely cohesive journey for customers as they flow through the funnel—from touch-point to touch-point jumping in and out of channels they’re engaged with.

Omni-channel marketing is the basis of realizing a connected experience for your customers

Realizing connected experiences relies on an exceptionally-designed, end-to-end customer experience. This experience is activated via a customer data-enabled, integrated tech stack that seamlessly captures customer data—from digital behavioral interactions to self-selected preferences and past purchase history—as a customer engages with a brand’s website, e-commerce destination, in-person, account portals, apps, and more.

Leveraging Salesforce technology to create connected customer experiences

Creating omni-channel personalized experiences is particularly crucial in the highly regulated and often-times complicated journey within the financial services sector.

Customer and client loyalty can erode if they find it difficult to engage with a financial services institution at any point in the journey. Thus, ensuring when customers go from discovery and research, to product/service consideration and purchase to post-purchase support – it all has to be seamless and cohesive. Across touchpoints, channels and devices. By using Salesforce companies can:

  • Seamlessly fuse purpose-built financial service system CRMs, like Financial Services Cloud, which securely and safely capture PII data, into the martech stack for better service and support
  • Leverage marketing automation for relevant messaging – from financial product and service offerings to estate planning and wealth management
  • Implement a DXP to create exceptional digital experiences, while activating client and customer data
  • Harness holistic customer data in a centralized repository like a CDP for organization’s functions, departments, and teams to support the entire journey

By continuously building toward a connected experience for your customers, financial services organizations will reap the benefits of having longer lasting customer relationships. Ones that lead to higher customer lifetime value (CLV).

To learn more about how organizations in the financial services industry can create an omni-channel personalized experience, let’s chat.

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