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Wealth Enhancement Group

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Wealth Enhancement Group


Connecting purpose to experiences

As the worldwide economy continues to experience unprecedented growth, the need for individual, family and business wealth management services has never been higher – or more competitive.  
Founded in 1997, Wealth Enhancement Group (WEG) helps their clients succeed by providing a better approach to financial services that centers completely on their clients.

  • 450+ employees
  • 42 branch offices
  • Over $26 billion in managed assets 

The company’s philosophy is rooted in a deep caring for their clients while delivering personalized client experiences that rely on the power of collaboration and simple, direct communication. 

Unfortunately, the WEG web presence wasn’t delivering an intuitive experience that reinforced the company’s objectives: 

  1. differentiate WEG’s overall service offerings; 
  2. provide clear pathways to discrete Wealth Management solutions;
  3. exemplify the brand promise of simplification, while standing out in the industry’s “sea of sameness” – especially for top-of-funnel potential customers. 

Enter Horizontal’s unique team of Designers, UX and Salesforce experts who collaborated to unlock the power of the WEG “backstage” operations to deliver an attractive, more meaningful “onstage” experience for potential customers.  

The Situation

Put customers in the driver's seat

Research in the financial planning space indicated that post-pandemic norms are increasing digital connection with customers and FinTech to drive efficiency, higher profitability and better customer experiences.  

While WEG had key differentiators and basic segmentation to inform their existing site, winning business from potential customers online required a more personalized experience – one that could make it easy to connect and set the foundation for a trustworthy, beneficial relationship. 

Meet potential customers where they are 

To connect with potential customers on their own individual journeys, the WEG digital presence needed to work harder by taking advantage of the existing data and platforms. Leveraging WEG knowledge and expertise through the lens of prospective clients meant being clear about what brings client successes to life, guiding potential customers and making them feel comfortable about asking their questions. 

The Response

Rising above the sea of sameness

With a focus on conversion, design and technology, the new website delivers a higher level of connected experiences to help WEG stand out while driving business outcomes. 

Creating a personalized, guided experience 

Thoughtful, informed personas, user journeys, a new content strategy, and our expertise in Salesforce Experience Cloud and CMS supported an ideal user experience that anticipates WEG prospects and customer needs. All this, while helping deliver the right content at the right time by allowing marketers on the back end to easily manage the site and pivot as needed.  

Along with scalable, AI-driven journey optimization, we employed geolocation and contextual personalization to balance regional nuances and deliver related content, services, and advisors based on where a user is located or how they arrive at a page.  

A standout example...of standing out 

Achieving differentiation in the sea of sameness involved a two-pronged approach:  

  1. Reinforcing the value proposition and the benefits of working with WEG; 
  2. Thoughtfully executing a more mature, compelling UX design, look and feel — setting a higher standard for art direction and photography while providing room to grow as site needs expand. 

The Horizontal team worked together to combine core brand elements with experience-based elements to push platform design capabilities and deliver a compelling, beautiful yet functional UI. From the singular, connected story on the home page to a streamlined, flexible front door navigation structure that improves wayfinding for all users, to recasting WEGs unique UnFi and Roundtable assets — everything works in harmony to establish credibility and reinforce the value of working with WEG. 

Before we start, we need a small favor 

Shortly after selecting HZTL as its digital partner, WEG asked us to tackle a hot project to support their acquisition efforts when recruiting new advisors to the WEG team. The result was a powerful video that reinforces the company’s commitment and approach to utilizing technology to drive a cutting-edge experience for the WEG Roundtable approach to strategic guidance. 

The culture fit was great from the beginning. Their understanding of the Salesforce platform, approach to personalization and use of design to contrast the “sea of sameness” really resonated with our team. They were absolutely the right partner for us.

Senior VP Digital Innovation | David Skinner

The Result

Differentiation while also building trust

Standing out while making a personal connection is no small feat. WEG’s web presence affirms their unique strengths while building personalized relationships to increase conversions all while demonstrating a commitment to industry-leading technology for potential acquisitions. 

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