Harness the power of patient data with Sitecore and Salesforce

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Harness the power of patient data with Sitecore and Salesforce

by Arturo Mendiola


It’s no secret that in today’s world, great brand experiences lead to lasting and fulfilling patient and member relationships. This sensibility is why we believe in our Experience-Forward philosophy of putting people at the center of everything you do.   

Unfortunately, connected healthcare experiences tend to be the exception, not the norm.  Health and Life Sciences (HLS) organizations struggle to serve patients effectively due to competing priorities and challenges in managing patient data, making the process overwhelming for providers and patients. 

Despite these types of challenges, health networks’ digital experiences are still being held to greater standards, and organizations can no longer use the excuse of the pandemic when delivering less-than-desirable care management experiences. To stay competitive today, personalized patient journeys need to be a core tenet of organizational alignment: one that galvanizes teams and departments to lock arms with the common goal of realizing exceptional patient and member experiences.  

A healthy dose of patient data 

Marketers have the never-ending job of trying to keep up with patient and member expectations, let alone exceed them. One of those expectations is providing a cohesive patient experience that is seamlessly threaded across channels, devices and touchpoints as they traverse through the care continuum.  

To deliver on this, it is important to focus on leveraging the data behind every interaction. A data-first approach can avoid isolated and fragmented databases, leading to clear and consistent information for patients and avoiding confusion and frustration. By using real-time data, healthcare providers can quickly identify and address any health issues or concerns, leading to earlier interventions and improved outcomes.

When organizations have a single source of truth they can meet expectations by providing: 
  • Friction-free interactions

    Each interaction should build upon the conversation that happened before, whether on a desktop experience, an in-person visit or customer service calls. And the end goal should be universal across each of these interactions: helping patients move forward on their journey. Essentially, a frictionless, omni-channel patient experience. 
  • Contextual engagements

    Patients and members want experiences that go far beyond knowing their first names. That means leveraging the data behind every interaction to assess personal preferences, account details, etc. With data-driven context, organizations can make more informed decisions to improve care treatment, service offerings, and much more.  
  • Anticipatory solutions

    Gone are the days of creating experiences that guess at what patients and/or members want. The trove of data collected from connected experiences powers the ability to assess individual needs and predict for them; anticipating their needs in real time.  

Bring connected patient experiences to life with Sitecore and Salesforce

An integrated tech stack is critical to bringing this patient and member experience to life by ensuring bi-directional flow of patient data. The right technology can enable and activate a better, holistic care journey, while following patient privacy and compliance requirements. 

Of course, simply adopting technologies alone won’t drive world-class experiences, but it is the foundation of a connected patient journey. Ultimately, it comes down to identifying and employing technology platforms that marry back-of-house operations with the experiences your constituents engage with daily.  

The good news is Salesforce and Sitecore have made the expensive and time-consuming trial-and-error period of finding the right mix of technology obsolete with their suite of integrated digital experience, support and service and marketing tools, all powered by patient data and analytics.

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is a CRM system that manages doctor-patient interactions and records. With it, you can access a wide range of clinical and non-clinical data from multiple sources in one place, providing your organization with a complete picture of each patient. 

For patient experience stakeholders it offers the following benefits: 

  • A 360-degree view: Providers have up-to-the-minute details of patients, including appointment history, current conditions, specialists attending to patients and medications, all centralized in one place without having to change screens or swap devices to access this information.  
  • Scale & compliance: Health Cloud gives providers the ability to get patients their medicine more effectively through fulfillment tracking, patient sign-ups and shepherding prior authorizations. 
  • Management of the patient journey: Health Cloud automates workflows and offers pre-built templates for omni-channel engagement, allowing providers to connect with patients throughout their journey from acquisition to retention.  
  • Collaboration: Health Cloud allows care teams to assign ownership of health tasks or exchange secure and private messages between other health professionals, patients or members – and they can access those messages on any device.  

Sitecore XM Cloud

Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) Cloud is a flexible, enterprise-level software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based content management system (CMS). Its strength lies in giving marketers and content authors ease-of-use through its visual authoring capabilities, while providing back-end developers the flexibility of development (including headless architecture). 

For patient experience stakeholders it offers the following benefits:  

  • Data insights: With its embedded visitor analytics, XM Cloud provides visibility into user engagement through embedded visitor analytics and personalizes page variants for different target audiences to improve patient satisfaction.  
  • Speed-to-market: Because it is SaaS-based, XM Cloud offers quick implementation with automatic platform updates and easy content updating with built-in visual authoring.  
  • Security: XM Cloud is always up-to-date, scales on-demand, and meets rigorous controls so organizations can power their global, content-driven digital experiences with confidence. 
  • Scale: With its Cloud SaaS and composable nature, Sitecore XM allows you to easily scale up and down your project based on business requirements. If your business grows, you can add modules, or remove tools you are not currently using 

Connected data = connected experiences

Salesforce Health Cloud, Sitecore XM Cloud, paired with a CDP , and a sound customer patient and member journey strategy, can help organizations come to a full understanding of their patients and what drives them — while creating immersive 1:1 personalized connected experiences at scale.  

By implementing connectors and integrations between the two platforms, organizations can synchronize patient contact data. Through both APIs and custom integrations, your organization can realize seamless flow of patient and member data in support of providing holistic connected care.   

Is your organization rallied behind the importance of a connected patient journey? If so, you’re already winning half the battle. The other half is having the right systems in place, fully integrated within your technology stack and a partner to enable it. Horizontal can help guide you on the path of bringing connected experiences to life for your patients by using Salesforce and Sitecore. Our team is ready to help you realize your ambition of crafting healthcare experiences people love. 

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