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Customer Data Platform

Leveraging 360 customer data for real-time personalization

We implement Sitecore’s cloud-based customer data platform to help our clients unlock 360-degree customer views, advanced segmentation, and AI-informed personalization in real time.

With our platform expertise and Sitecore CDP up-to-the-minute business intelligence, you can reach a single source of truth for your customer records and craft personalized user journeys — leading to seamlessly connected experiences and more engaging conversion pathways.

Maximize your customer data with Sitecore CDP

Humanizing customer data series

Sitecore’s acquisition of Boxever further accelerates our ability to drive frictionless experiences across touchpoints and channels through customer data and intel. With Boxever’s SaaS-based CDP, we can help clients consolidate their data and leverage it to make more strategic decisions.

VP Global CX and Platform Strategy, Horizontal Digital | Arturo Mendiola

Our CDP capabilities and expertise

  • Sitecore Specialized PartnerCDP & Personalization

  • Certifications 19 developer certifications

  • ComplianceGDPR, CCPA, ADA, 501c3, PCI

  • Data OpsCross-departmental access, governance, and workflows

Enterprise data management

Most enterprise companies are sitting on a wealth of customer data. The issue is disconnected teams and departments collect different customer data points across multiple channels, touchpoints, and devices. Our expertise is in stitching these data points together through the power of CDPs, helping brands achieve a single source of truth for their customer records. This centralized database provides intelligence that identifies new and existing users to deliver the right experiences at the right time to ultimately drive actionable outcomes.

Tracking & measurement

Our expertise in facilitating evidence-based outcomes fosters your organization to embrace a data-led company culture. With Sitecore CDP real-time behavioral tracking engine, you get to the heart of what your customers need and can A/B test new features and digital experiences across all channels and devices. This agile approach is what allows your organization to leverage intel in the right ways for the sake of building better customer experiences.

Omnichannel personalization & optimization

We specialize in helping organizations use their data across channels to activate personalized marketing journeys at scale. Leveraging the power of Sitecore CDP, your data is aggregated into a system that allows you to prompt real-time engagements that guide individuals through their next best action. This level of personalized messaging not only drives more meaningful moments, but also provides frictionless cross-departmental conversations your customers have come to expect.

Multi-source data integrations

We know how to maximize Sitecore CDP capabilities to create seamless, personalized journeys for customers – leading to ‘no dead-end’ connected experiences. But in order to create truly connected experiences, it's critical to first integrate all your data sources together. We help you with this integration of multiple data sources into Sitecore CDP through Sitecore XP and other omnichannel systems across the CX tech stack and advertising platforms.

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