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Salesforce revs its engines in the AI race

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Salesforce revs its engines in the AI race

by Jennifer Johnson


How trusted data + generative AI will turbocharge productivity across clouds 

If artificial intelligence is (as some have predicted) the engine that will supercharge human and business productivity for the next century, then good, trusted data will be its fuel. With it, you can go anywhere. Anytime. Without it, you are nowhere. Fast. 
That’s why the recent announcement from Salesforce related to its new AI Cloud offerings is so important. Salesforce already controls “the fuel” by hosting reams of proprietary customer data from its Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud products.  Now it plans to layer on top a generative AI engine that appears second to none. 

What is generative AI?

Generative AI is the ability to create or classify content by asking a computer model to do it for you through written text. It’s a boom for writers like me, which is why I am obsessed with the topic of generative AI and the technologies that enable it. 

Trained on huge amounts of data, Large Language Models (LLMs) interpret the text so they can create the right kind of output. Some LLMs can answer questions and classify data, write essays, email responses, create poetry, and even generate code. The models do the work, but their outputs are based on the data sets they are trained on. 

That’s why AI Cloud’s new “Trust Layer” is so critical and sets Salesforce apart in the AI conversation. Salesforce plans to use the models in a secure protected SaaS platform that is already trusted by millions of users, businesses, and organizations worldwide.  It will keep its data from being indexed, allowing a company’s responses to be as informed and as accurate as possible.

Improving the lives of sellers

The goal of SalesGPT is to magnify the impact of sales teams by using generative AI to accelerate sellers’ productivity and allow them to work faster and more efficiently.  

Think about the use case of a seller who needs to write a client email. SalesGPT will suggest a first draft, crafting a response that is personalized and informed by the Customer 360 data model. Maybe the data shows something important that the seller needs to know, like a birthday or holiday. Maybe there is a recent customer support issue that has been escalated repeatedly and merits acknowledgement. 

In short, SalesGPT will help sellers build better relationships quicker and close more deals faster.  And it does so at scale. Talk about a good ROI. 

Improving customer service

ServiceGPT will use Data Cloud’s real-time data, coupled with AI capabilities, to help service teams deliver exceptional customer interactions and service – whether it be from corporate headquarters, call centers or the field. 

The purpose is to get people spending less time on time-consuming and repetitive tasks and more time cultivating customer loyalty. 
Features will include: 

  • Automated case summaries 
  • Automated knowledge base article creation 
  • Automated case sentiment analysis 
  • Field service work order summaries to summarize deliverables “automagically” 

The nature of the generative AI conversation means these features are just the beginning. The ability to improve customer service through AI is one of the largest drivers of investment in the space right now. So what Salesforce is doing here will only get better and better. 

Improving customer experience

Marketing GTP promises to supercharge the productivity of marketing teams who must deliver personalized digital experiences. It will do it using Data Cloud’s first party data. Marketers will be allowed to generate audience segments quickly, using text prompts and AI recommendations, to target the right customers with the right messages and the right time, based on near real time data in Data Cloud. As W. Edwards Demings said, “Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.” 

Trust is the ballgame with AI

All of this is to say that Salesforce has its act together in the AI space. A plurality of people fear AI because of data privacy and trust issues. But fear cannot be an organizations’ driver in this (or in any) arena. Generative AI can only provide productivity gains to businesses and organizations if people use it. And Salesforce’s second-to-none user support ecosystem almost guarantees its users will have access to the answers they need before and during their AI journey. 

Salesforce’s combination of data, privacy, and AI features (and support!) will be irresistible to users once they start embracing the new capabilities. And then everyone – Salesforce and its customers – will be really off to the races. 

If you would like to learn more about how Salesforce generative AI can transform your business, contact us.


Jennifer Johnson works in Digital Strategy at Horizontal Digital. She lives in Dallas, Texas.

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