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Dreamforce 2022: We dream of Salesforce Genie

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Dreamforce 2022: We dream of Salesforce Genie

by Brianne Mullally


Salesforce Genie powers real-time data across the Salesforce Customer 360 platform 

Dreamforce 2022 provided many great and memorable moments for attendees – but no moment topped the announcement of Salesforce Genie, a real-time data platform that powers the entire Salesforce Customer 360.  

The announcement of Salesforce Genie set the tone for the event. I’m super excited to see how we will be able to help our clients raise the bar with Salesforce CDP, powered by Genie

Executive Director Digital CX, Enterprise Strategy, Horizontal Digital | Tom Flint

At Horizontal, we believe connected experiences drive greater possibilities between brands and their customers. And that starts by having connected data. Salesforce Genie will not only connect data across platforms but make it automated, intelligent, and real time. 

But what exactly is Salesforce Genie, and how is it different from Salesforce CDP?  

What is Salesforce Genie?  

Salesforce Genie is a real-time data platform that powers Salesforce Customer 360. It integrates data from every step of the customer experience and creates a unified customer profile record, that is automated, intelligent, and real time across every Salesforce cloud and industry solution.  

According to Salesforce, “As the heart of real-time Customer 360, Salesforce Genie ingests and stores real-time data streams at massive scale and combines it with Salesforce transactional data. Genie includes built-in connectors that bring in data from every channel (mobile, web, APIs), legacy data through MuleSoft, and historical data from proprietary data lakes.” 

How is Salesforce Genie different from Salesforce CDP?

With Salesforce CDP, unified customer profiles include AI-driven, cross-channel insights based on engagement behavior to segment smarter and anticipate each customer’s needs at every step of their journey. 
Salesforce Genie takes it one step further – by funneling a nearly infinite amount of dynamic data to Customer 360 in real time. This expands the use of Salesforce CDP to more than just the marketing function, but to every department of an organization – sales, service, etc.   
Salesforce Genie also allows data to sync (instead of duplicate) making everything about Salesforce CDP even faster (aka real time) than ever before. With the addition of Salesforce Genie, creating and activating 1-to-1 personalized customer journeys throughout the entire organization will be easier than ever before.

“Salesforce Genie is empowering almost every cloud with real-time data, intelligence, and automated processes to create a greater connected experience. Now, businesses are even more empowered to make decisions with unified profiles having real-time data updating on-the-fly.,” Neeraj Sharma, Salesforce Consulting Manager, Horizontal Digital. 

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