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Channel-less Commerce: Sitecore and Microsoft Connect for Unified Experiences

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Channel-less Commerce: Sitecore and Microsoft Connect for Unified Experiences

by Owen Schott


You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it bears repeating: Today’s customers expect a great customer experience. But you can’t have a great customer experience without it being a seamlessly connected experience. As people interact with your brand – whether it’s in-store or online, with your customer service center or sales team, from mass marketing ad campaigns to direct 1:1 messaging – it all needs to feel seamless, relevant and personal.  

Recently, Sitecore announced a partnership with Microsoft that suggests a potent new synergy that unlocks a wealth of omnichannel capabilities for retailers. 

A key element of the partnership is a powerful new integration between Sitecore OrderCloud and Microsoft Fabric. It promises to unlock a wealth of commerce capabilities within Microsoft Cloud for Retail, empowering brands to deliver unified, personalized shopping experiences across all touchpoints. 

What is Sitecore OrderCloud? 

Sitecore OrderCloud is a headless, API-first commerce platform built for flexibility and scalability. It empowers businesses to create custom B2C, B2B, and B2X commerce experiences, from simple online stores to complex marketplaces 

What is Microsoft Fabric? 

Microsoft Fabric is a comprehensive data analytics platform that provides a unified data foundation for retail organizations. It offers data integration, engineering, warehousing, real-time processing, analytics, and BI tools in one convenient package. 

One of the integrations between Sitecore and Microsoft provides retailers seamless integration with Microsoft’s Copilot for personalized shopping. It is a Microsoft Cloud for Retail solution that lets retailers offer their customers a conversational and personalized shopping experience through an AI-powered chat interface. It can be embedded into existing websites and apps, providing a seamless way for customers to get help, find products, and make purchases. 

There are significant benefits copilot can add to a retailers commerce experiences. 

Ease and efficiency: 

  • Conversational shopping: Allows customers to shop like they're talking to a friendly and knowledgeable salesperson, eliminating the need for tedious keyword searches and browsing. 
  • Quick product discovery: Helps customers find the right items faster by understanding their preferences and recommending suitable options based on real-time interactions. 
  • Guided decision-making: Provides information and insights on products, helping customers make informed purchase decisions with confidence. 

    Personalization and relevance: 
  • Tailored recommendations: Recommends products based on individual preferences, past purchases, and browsing history, resulting in a more relevant and engaging shopping experience. 
  • Contextual suggestions: Offers complementary products and accessories, enhancing the entire look or completing a set, for a more satisfying purchase. 
  • Adaptive learning: Learns from customer interactions and feedback, continuously refining its recommendations to become more personalized over time. 

    Enhanced shopping experience: 
  • Conversational engagement: Makes shopping more interactive and enjoyable through a natural, conversational interface. 
  • Expert advice: Offers access to virtual stylists or product specialists, providing valuable advice and information on products. 
  • Streamlined purchase process: Guides customers through the checkout process seamlessly, making it fast and convenient. 

    Additional benefits: 
  • Privacy and control: Customers have control over their data and can choose the level of personalization they are comfortable with. 
  • Accessibility: Can be accessed from any device, making it convenient and accessible for all customers. 
  • Brand consistency: The conversational experience reflects the retailer's brand voice and expertise, ensuring a consistent brand experience throughout the shopping journey. 

    Overall, Copilot for personalized shopping emerges as a versatile tool capable of significantly enhancing the overall retail experience. Beyond its potential to boost sales and reduce costs, this solution provides retailers with a valuable means to refine their online store operations. For any retailer seeking ways to optimize their digital storefront, the inclusion of Copilot is certainly worth exploring. 

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