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Intelligent search that drives better commerce conversion ​

Through personalized search results, merchandized product placement, and guided navigation, Sitecore Discover's hyper-relevant AI engine increases engagement and conversion rates.

We work with brands to unleash the power of Discover to enhance their online merchandizing. Helping brands create personalized shopping journeys, through configuration of pre-built algorithmic recommendations; along with designing custom experiences to support more complex catalog and transactional interactions.

By fusing Discover as a composable intelligent search solution, we help customers implement additive value to their commerce engine to optimize revenue generation and storefront performance.

Sitecore OrderCloud is different from the typical commerce application orientation. With the platform you now have the ability to say yes to virtually every customer when talking about their most complex and sophisticated needs.

Sitecore Global President Commerce | Mark Johnson
Founder Insights: The future of Sitecore Commerce

Our capabilities and expertise

Commerce-focused information architecture

  • Content hierarchy
  • Site maps and catalog structure
  • Shopping and transactional flows
  • Product and merchandising taxonomy

Analysis and conversion optimization

  • Value-scoring and engagement pathing
  • Predictive modeling and activation
  • Programmatic merchandising and product context rules
  • A/B Testing

Commerce experience design & personalization

  • B2B, B2C, B2B2C
  • Product and catalog search relevancy optimization
  • Connected commerce journey
  • AI-driven suggestive selling/product recommendations

Sitecore DXP: Orchestrating your path to composable

Are you trying to evolve your Sitecore DXP framework to deliver more connected customer experiences? Whether it’s an all-in-one or best-of-breed composable solution, find the best path for Sitecore DXP in our latest whitepaper: Orchestrating your path to composable.
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