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Order Cloud

Unlocking the power of of headless, API-powered ecommerce 

The digital commerce space is full of complexity and nuance — from B2C to B2B to B2B2C. To meet the needs of your customers, you need a sound commerce strategy tailored to your business model and an enterprise-grade ecomm platform with the flexibility to customize:

  • Product and service browsing
  • Conversion pathways
  • Transactional interactions (cart and checkout)
  • Order fulfillment

We pair the art and science of commerce functionality with content and experience design to architect beautiful experiences that drive conversions. With Sitecore Order Cloud (along with Sitecore Content Hub and XM Cloud) we have the horsepower to unleash the full potential of end-to-end, 1:1 omnichannel commerce journeys.

Our expertise with headless experiences — activated at scale within a microservices architecture and enabled through API integrations — can help you maximize the potential of Sitecore Order Cloud to unlock greater possibilities across the digital commerce landscape.

At Horizontal Digital, we work closely with our clients to understand how to scale their commerce engines through the power of Sitecore Order Cloud. It all ladders up to a holistic connected commerce experience for your customers across core operational and customer engagement systems like CRM, ERP, POS, OMS.

Sitecore OrderCloud is different from the typical commerce application orientation. With the platform you now have the ability to say yes to virtually every customer when talking about their most complex and sophisticated needs.

Sitecore Global President Commerce | Mark Johnson
Founder Insights: The future of Sitecore Commerce

Our capabilities and expertise

MACH Certified

When it comes to working with commerce technical architecture, we follow a modern approach with MACH. Our technology teams adopt industry-leading strategies to deliver a highly scalable and efficient solution to run your digital commerce experience.


Successful commerce solutions mean treating your customers like… people. Whether B2B or B2C, Horizontal’s commerce experience strategies ensure your customer-centricity shines through from end-to-end.

Globalized solutions

Multi-brand, multi-tenet, multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-catalog implementations. Streamline your global commerce operations with secure, performant experiences worldwide.

Commerce experience alignment

Too often, the transactional experience stands apart from your other digital touchpoints. Our solutions integrate your content and brand for consistently intuitive user journeys and friction-free experiences at every stage.

Commerce operations

We untangle complex catalogs, streamline product information management and simplify pricing and promotion management to ensure your commerce teams focus their time on value-add workstreams.

Compliant solutions

GDPR, CCPA, ADA, 501c3, PCI… we design solutions that start compliant and stay compliant.

Cloud-native scalability and integration strategy

Many enterprises still rely on legacy on-premise solutions to deliver components of their ecommerce experience, like ERP or PIM.

And that’s where we come in. Hybrid solutions and progressive cloud migration strategies are our bread and butter. Our technology team’s expertise in cloud-based development and CI/CD aligns with Sitecore Order Cloud's high-performance and auto-scaling capabilities.

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