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A bird's eye view of a striking real estate development in Dubai


Revamping community management for Dubai's premier developer

Renowned for building the Burj Khalifa — the world’s tallest skyscraper — and the massive Dubai Mall, Emaar Properties is a pioneer in the real estate development space. Beyond these shimmering landmarks, Emaar’s portfolio also includes a suite of master-planned communities throughout the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

But there was a gulf between the sparkling residential properties for sale on Emaar’s website and the company’s clunky community management experience. Learn how Horizontal implemented a more intuitive user experience for Emaar that empowers its luxury brand to shine.

The Response

Architecting a friction-free digital experience that tells the Emaar story

To help Emaar’s web experiences keep up with the company’s ambitious development goals, we created a solution for property managers to quickly spin up digital sites as needed. We also gave Emaar’s logged-in resident portal a facelift to align it with the brand’s public-facing website.

Redesigning the Sakani portal

Next, we renovated the front-end of Emaar’s third-party community management portal to reflect the company’s luxury brand. Specifically, we developed an interactive widget-based dashboard and integrated it into Sakani to enhance the portal’s functionality. This vastly improved the user experience and enabled residents to pay bills, schedule maintenance and perform other tasks with ease.

The Result

Emaar 2.0: Seamless end-to-end experiences across the customer journey

By taking an experience-forward approach to Emaar’s problems and pain points, we’ve elevated the design of every community page and put the real estate developer back in the driver’s seat. Today, the disconnect is gone — Emaar’s public-facing web experience looks and feels the same as the logged-in Sakani portal. Visitors can navigate touchpoints with ease, and we’ve reinforced Emaar’s role as the #1 advocate for residents and investors across the Western Asia region.

Horizontal's screen designs for Emaar's mobile experience
Horizontal's screen designs for Emaar's desktop experience

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