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We immerse ourselves in Sitecore to take experiences further

We proudly take a proactive approach to learning about Sitecore’s capabilities, offerings and future opportunities — a mindset that we’ve shared since opening our doors in 2004. This commitment allows us to imagine and implement experiences that truly meet customer needs in the moment and elevate our client’s business goals in the process.

We’re proud to be an original Sitecore Platinum Partner

  • 14 MVPs

  • 70+Certified Developers

  • 100+Implementations

Sitecore Global Excellence in Product Expertise 2021 - Platinum Partner - Content Hub Specialized Partner - Experience Commerce Specialized Partner - Experience Platform Specialized Partner

2021 Global Excellence in Product Expertise Winner

Our VP of Technology, Sheetal Jain, on the reasons for winning Sitecore's Global Partner Award.

Global Excellence in Product Expertise - Part 2

Sitecore platform technologies

Anticipation is our everything

Personalization. Predictive content. Contextual experiences. These are the foundations of successful customer engagements. We harness Sitecore’s capabilities to help clients stay in sync with ever-evolving customer expectations and build lasting relationships in the process.

Horizontal's Idea Room

Our Team


  • Sheetal Jain

    Sheetal Jain

    VP, Technology

  • Headshot Placeholder

    Rama Ila

    Senior Technologist & Sitecore MVP

  • Kiran Patel

    Kiran Patil

    Senior Technology Lead


  • Chris Staley

    Chris Staley

    Co-Founder & EVP

  • Dave Michela

    Dave Michela

    VP, Digital Solutions

  • Anne Norman

    Anne Norman

    Director of Digital Solutions


  • Sabin Ephrem

    Sabin Ephrem

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Mitch Talbot

    Mitch Talbot

    Business Development Director

  • George Smith

    George Smith

    Regional Managing Director

Our Take: Sitecore Symposium

Our take: building connected experiences with Sitecore

Watch Our Sessions from Sitecore Symposium

  • Building end-to-end connected experiences for brand longevity

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  • From drip to downpour: how launching an eCommerce DTC sales channel can rapidly fill your pipeline

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  • Taking mobile personalization to the next level

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Connected Experiences Through Sitecore

Learn how to leverage power of Sitecore’s composable DXP offering to drive an end-to-end, seamless connected experience across its cloud-based solutions - commerce, marketing automation, content and experience platforms . All through the lens of a customer and how an integrated Sitecore technology stack enables each moment of journey, while capturing customer data and intel to drive personalized next step action, leading to higher conversion and greater CLV.
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