Outfitting a global port operator for smarter supply chain solutions

DP World operates a global ecosystem of interconnected ports and container terminals. But as the shipping industry evolves, DP World is shifting away from its port-focused business model and driving the expansion of its end-to-end logistics footprint across air, land and sea. Find out how we refreshed DP World’s brand to reflect its new strategic direction and personalize content for customers on a regional level.

The Situation

A titan of trade burdened by disjointed digital experiences

Established in Dubai in 1972, DP World marshals its massive network of real-world infrastructure to enable customers to book cargo shipments on a global scale.



in 50 countries



from 134 countries

$8.5 Billion

Property Listings

But the website wasn’t optimized to drive brand awareness or address customers’ supply chain needs:


— DP World’s global brand was scattered across 30 disjointed regional websites—frustrating internal teams


— Customers had almost no visibility of their goods in the pipeline


— The supply chain process was wasteful and time-consuming


— Users had to dig deep to find relevant content when they landed on the site

rich rust dp world video
dp world video

The Response

Pivoting from port authority to logistics provider

Instead of just bolting on a new site, we embarked on a digital transformation journey with DP World. Our mission was to build a clean, cutting-edge site that accurately represents DP World’s present identity and anticipates the diverse needs of their customers on a regional level.

Consolidate 30 individual sites into a single global experience

We architected a new global website for DP World with a unified structure, codebase and design for all business units. In addition, we built in geographic personalization to help users locate their closest business unit and simplified the site layout to help customers access relevant content faster:


Automotive, energy, perishables, apparel


Ports and terminals, logistics, parks, maritime services, offshore support vessels, marine logistics

News and Events

Updates on DP World’s latest innovations in cargo transportation

To make the digital experience as seamless and transparent as possible, we reengineered DP World’s platform using Sitecore architecture to help customers track their cargo from end to end—boosting the efficiency and predictability of supply chains.

Create a library of reusable building blocks for regional sites

Beyond the global website, each of DP World’s regions needed an individual site to fit their unique operating models. To build these regional sites, we constructed a library of modular Sitecore components. These building blocks allow regional sites to showcase their individuality—within the confines of a unified brand—and give DP World the ability to easily roll out global marketing campaigns.

Migrate website hosting to the cloud

Finally, we moved DP World’s website hosting from on-premises to the cloud via Microsoft Azure. This gives DP World the ability to effectively scale its global operations and clears the way for future digital transformation.

The Result

One digital experience.  Configured to anticipate regional supply chain needs

Our one-two punch of macro and micro solutions empowers DP World’s regional operations to employ a tactical approach that stays anchored to the global brand. Outfitted with content-driven personalization, DP World’s new digital experience is poised to increase brand equity, generate more leads and engage the decisionmakers driving global trade and logistics.

“When we started this journey with Horizontal, they quickly understood how we could work together to effectively create a digital solution through Sitecore. Having a partner who gets our mission and understands how technology can facilitate a content-driven approach to personalization is really key.”

  • Global Head of Digital & Social Media at DP World | Rich Rust
rich rust
rich rust


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