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Crafting personalized customer journeys for a titan of tile

Daltile — short for "Dallas Tile" — is the world's largest manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tile. Established in 1947, Daltile's North American manufacturing facilities produce one out of every three tiles sold in the U.S.

  • 12manufacturing facilities

  • 300+sales service centers in the U.S and Canada

  • 9,000+employees in North America

No-Code Preference Center

See how we leveraged our proprietary Salesforce solution - the No-Code Preference Center - to create connected experiences for Daltile's customers, dealers, marketers and executives at every stage in the lifecycle.

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A screenshot of the No Code Preference Center application for Daltile

The Situation

An industry leader slowed down by disconnected data

While Daltile leads its industry in product design and innovation, its Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud teams were disconnected. This led to rampant data duplication, inefficient lead tracking and a delayed experience after customers responded to coupon offers. Coupons are the lifeblood of the tile industry.

Pain points included:

  • No Marketing Cloud admin or governance
  • Poor data quality: duplicate lead entries, invalid lead assignment rules, inaccurate and invalid lead submissions sent to dealers
  • Dismal Sales Cloud adoption rates (sales lead owners weren't adding 96% of marketing leads)
  • Sales Cloud resources available to accommodate Marketing Cloud requests

The Response

Build a cross-cloud framework to capture leads and engage customers

We quickly realized that Daltile needed to remodel its Marketing Cloud infrastructure to achieve its personalization goals, which ultimately would lead to higher lead generation. Across a sequence of three project phases, our technologists implemented a framework in Salesforce to influence leads and improve analytics — all to drive personalized insights and seamless customer interactions.

With this framework in place, we integrated Marketing Cloud with the No-Code Preference Center to help clients capture customer data, improve email engagement and decrease opt-out rates. We leveraged the No-Code Preference Center to reengineer Daltile's web experience — empowering visitors to manage their subscriptions at opt-in. This put Daltile's customers in the driver's seat and gave them control over their digital journeys.

Phase 1

To kick things off, we scrapped Daltile's legacy paid search program and installed a one-way Marketing Cloud connector to create leads in Salesforce only. We also leveraged Brandify API with a built-in dealer locator for new CloudPages and adjusted journey re-entry settings to halt the creation of duplicate leads. To accommodate cross-functional teams, we isolated each priority and execute individual projects in smaller chunks.

Phase 2

In the second phase, we implemented two-way syncing between Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud and fused Marketing Cloud to the No-Code Preference Center. With this connection in place, we embedded dealer emails with call-to-action buttons that linked to the Salesforce lead record. Instead of opening Salesforce to qualify a lead status as "unqualified" or "in progress," Daltile's team just has to click a button from inside the coupon request email.

Phase 3

Finally, we engineered new Journey Builder flows to create a drip campaign for customers who requested a coupon. Each email contains dynamic content that's optimized based on subscriber selections: kitchen, bathroom, RevoTile, countertops, roofing or outdoor living.

The Result

Optimized lead gen and post-click experiences

As a result of this three-pronged approach, we remained agile and responded to evolving market needs in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. We reduced the time in limbo between Facebook ad and coupon email from 3-7 business days to one hour or less. And on a macro level, we architected a digital marketing experience that met Daltile's customers on their terms.

Early campaign results include:

  • 97%coupon delivery rate

  • 51%coupon open rate

  • 100%dealer alert delivery rate

  • 48%dealer alert open rate

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